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BANG BANG Sports enhances the spectator experience while watching Major League Athletics.

It’s an online socially interactive game intended to be played in real-time among friends, or others in our gaming community, who are watching the same game at the same time.

It’s a friendly ‘wagering’ game, that creates excitement, anticipation and an increased level of attention to game play, where each player has ‘Skin in the Game’.

*Versions for Baseball,  Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, etc.

We make major league sports even better !

For you, Major League Sporting Events are already a TRADITION, a RITUAL … a WAY OF LIFE !

It’s hard to believe they could get more exciting … but Bang Bang Sports did it.

We’ve made Major League sporting events INTERACTIVE & SOCIAL … in REAL-TIME at the stadium, on your couch, or with your buddies. With Bang Bang, every play counts. Every Ball, every strike, and every foul adds up to an epic experience no matter what the outcome.

Bang Bang Sports, even when the game is slow, the action is BIG!

The Vision